Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Leading off for your Baltimore Orioles, 2nd baseman, number 1...BRIAN ROBERTS!!

That is what we Orioles fans were used to hearing in the first inning before this season. Roberts got injured in Spring Training, but was healthy enough to start on the Opening Day Roster. Roberts played in 4 games, in Tampa and the Home Opener. He re-injured himself stealing second base in the home opener and went on the DL. And that's where he has been since. Since he did play in a handful of games this year (and is on his way back btw), he qualifies for my 2010 Orioles Autograph Project. So here are my BRob autographs that I have obtained:

This was my 1st Brian Roberts autograph. In 2005, BRob had a breakout season. He had been with the O's since 2001 and I did not have his autograph yet. So when I was at a local card show, I saw this Orioles Team Postcard of Brian Roberts signed for $5. I immediatley bought it and it became my first Brian Roberts autograph.

Last year, I decided to do a 2009 Orioles Autograph Project. I noticed that the only BRob autograph that I had was the FanFest postcard. While on Sportsgraphing.com (username: Crusader4Life) I noticed the above card for sale. I had wanted a signed card of Roberts and for $2 I thought it was a good deal. So I bought it and there it was my 2nd autograph and 1st signed card of Brian Roberts.

At this year's Orioles FanFest, you did not know who was going to be signing in each line until an hour before, so it was hit or miss who you would get. I knew that while I was preparing for the FanFest, so I brought plenty of extras for my help and myself to make sure I had something for everyone to sign for me or my helpers. I decided that if I were to get BRob, that I would get something bigger signed. So while I was looking through my Orioles items, I saw these Baltimore Sun 16x20 photos/posters. And behold, multiple ones of Brian Roberts. I had enough to give on to my 2 helpers and one for myself.
I had early entrance tickets and I got in as the gates opened for the early admittance. I noticed that they had exclusive early entrance signings. And the first one I saw included BRIAN ROBERTS. So I was able to get in line and get him to sign this large photo and it turned out great. My favorite Brian Roberts autograph!

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