Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Past Week's Non-ST TTM Successes

As I said in my previous post, I had some TTM successes this past week that weren't from a ST sendout. I received 3 non-ST returns this past week, 2 of which were very long waits.

Jeff Kent signed 2 cards in thin blue sharpie in 4 months c/o Kent Powersports. I already had a Kent TTM autograph, an Astros card. But I wanted ones of him on the Giants and Dodgers. As you can see, I was successful. I'm glad to add two more autographs of this potential future HOF'er to my collection.

Jeff Kunkel (3 Jeffs in the same week, weird coincidence) signed 3 cards in over a year c/o home in black sharpie. Jeff was an average major league baseball player during his career, never played for the Orioles, and I already had his autograph from a previous TTM success. So you may ask, "Joe, why would you want another one, yet alone 3 more?" I have two answers. 1. He is a good TTM signer (even though this letter was probably misplaced because he signed in 9 days last time), so he is a slump buster. 2. I know a guy whose name is Jeff Kunkle, and I think it is funny how they have VERY similar names, and its just one of those funny autographs.

And now the longest wait. Billy Ripken signed 2 cards c/o home address in over 2 years! This was one of my longest waits ever, and Ive been doing TTM consistently since 2006! This was also a very sentimental request. One of the cards Billy signed was a homemade card that I made when I was eight years old. It was the 3rd of those cards I made (David Segui and Scott Kamieniecki are the others) and having that signed is special to me.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Training TTM Successes

Spring Training is definitely the best time to send TTM requests to current players and coaches, the success rate is noticeably higher. So every year, I will send some requests to players and coaches in Spring Training. I have gotten 3 ST returns so far this spring. I have also received some non-ST successes as well this week before I started this blog.

Jeff Francis signed 2/2 2008 Allen and Ginters in black sharpie in 7 days c/o The Colorado Rockies Spring Training Site. Francis is a solid pitcher, but was injured last year, so I hope he bounces back well for the Rox.

Koji Uehara signed 1/1 2009 Upper Deck X in thin black sharpie in 8 days c/o The Baltimore Orioles Spring Training. Koji is the first Japanese player in O's history and suffered multiple injuries last year. I hope he can return successfully for the O's in the bullpen this year.

Mike Gonzalez signed 1/1 2007 Topps in black sharpie in 8 days c/o The Baltimore Orioles Spring Training. 2010 will be Gonzo's first year in Baltimore, and he should be the O's closer. I hope he does well for my team this year.

My other TTM successes from the week will be in a later post.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Adam Jones - All Star and Gold Glove CF

The AJ signed Orioles Postcard was my first of my increasing number of his autographs. mostly because he is such a good signer. I got this postcard in person at the 2008 Orioles FanFest (his first). He was my main goal at that Fest because of his top prospect status, even though I didn't have anything of my own for him to sign. That is the only reason I got this postcard signed, but it turned out great. He has such a great sit-down autograph.

After going the rest of 2008 without getting another autograph of Jones, I had to get at least one in 2009. I got more than I thought last year by far. The above signed baseball was obtained in person at the 2009 Orioles FanFest. Once again, I did not have a card or photo for Adam to sign, so I decided to try a sweet spot baseball. Again, it turned out to be great in 2 ways. 1. The autograph looks great. 2. He had a breakout year that included an All-Star selection and a Gold Glove Award. More to come from AJ in 2009.

The second 'graph I got of Bazooka Jones in 2009, a 2008 Topps Allen and Ginter. These cards are amazing for autographs. I got this card signed at a public signing at a Wendy's in Linthicum. I was hoping to get more than one, but since there were so many people there, they were a strict one-per person. However, I am very happy with my card choice. This autograph on this card is amazing and is my favorite Jonesy autograph. Still more to come from Jonesy in 09.

This is the only Adam Jones autograph that I got that wasn't at a scheduled signing. I got this card signed at the Orioles/Nationals game at OPACY last season. The game happened to be Nick Markakis BP Jersey Day (Which I did get). Adam was signing by the dugout, and signed this card for me. This is the sloppiest autograph I have of AJ, but it is still great nonetheless. One more to come from AJ in 09.

The final autograph I got of Adam Jones in 2009 was this Orioles bobblehead base of, obviously, Adam Jones. The Orioles gave out this bobblehead at a game last year. Later in the season, Adam was signing at a baseball training center called the Sandlot BWI in Glen Burnie. I was hard to scan this, but you can still see the auto and can see that his sig turned out great, I have to get a Jones autograph in 2010, but I have multiple cards and magazines that are waiting to be inked by Adam.

First Post

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